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Ruth Hodgins is an artist currently based in Scotland, working in painting, drawing, and ceramics. 

She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute and has worked as an artist and visiting professor in the UK and USA for over a decade. From 2013 - 2019 she worked as an archivist and curator in experimental film and video art which has strongly influenced her practice – drawing inspiration from the colour, light, and compositions created by many visionary artists working with 16 mm, 8 mm film, and video.


Her practice focuses on the interplay of colour and intuitive forms using acrylic gouache paint or glazed wheel-thrown and handbuilt ceramics. She traverses two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, with each practice informing the other while existing independently. Her work uses a visual language of still life painting and ceramic objects to explore compositions as allegories. Questioning how objects can frame what is happening in people's environments. With painting and drawing, she conveys abstract ideas relating to identity and home, yet with the creation of functional objects, she takes part in life rituals. Serene yet playful, exacting yet sinuous, the work celebrates our every day and the humble objects we choose to surround ourselves with.

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